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Andrew Courtney

Andrew Courtney

Financial Planner
Plenitude Wealth
(07) 3394 8449

Plenitude Wealth is a holistic wealth management firm that specialises in providing a seamless experience for all of its clients. We live through our motto of "Live your life" and expect our clients to do the same. The main focus of our firm is to provide our clients with their ideal lifestyle so that they can concentrate on what is most important to them. We are a fee for service firm that prides itself on professionalism, ethics and our vast knowledge on the structure and strategy associated with creating and protecting wealth.

Andrew Courtney specialises in strategic financial planning, wealth education, accumulation and protection with a focus on implementing strategies that translate to achieving his clients' ideal lifestyle.

Andrew has close to a decade's experience in objective decision making, optimising processes & systems, research skills, investment psychology, customer relationship management and strategic debt management. No stone gets unturned during the process of finding the most efficient strategy for each individual client.

Peace of mind and confidence through education is what Andrew prides himself in. The best financial strategies can not be implemented without the full engagement of each individual client. His focus is on building relationships that will last for the long term to ensure all parties are in a win win situation. Comfort, trust, reliability and sustainability are the cornerstones of Andrew's service offering.

The Elite Business Network focusses on building sustainable relationships with future thinking business partners who have the right mindset, provide quality/customer-centric services and prides themselves in their professionalism. This is one of the many reasons I have joined this group of highly motivated individuals. EBN provides a range of offerings that is a perfect fit for small businesses looking to provide a holistic solution for their clients. Joining this group has been well worth the investment!

Andrew Courtney
Financial Planner