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Joseph Agresta

Joseph Agresta

Personal Trainer
Science Of Fitness
0435 609 626

I've always been an active individual from my early childhood, which has moulded my beliefs around the core values of mental strength, teamwork and continual improvement. I'm a very competitive person and a strong believer in bringing the best out of someone, both physically and mentally. I believe in hard work, respect and continual efforts to improve in all aspects of life. I believe moments get tough for a reason - and it is how we face these moments is what defines us.

I've never believed in fad-diets or 8-week challenges because your journey starts the day you were born and finishes the day you die. Health and fitness isn't a short-term transformation, it's a lifetime of improving, learning more and failing better than you did last time. I believe in chasing your dreams and making your goals a reality, not waiting for something to happen, but making it happen.

I'm your friend, first and foremost, who passionately enjoys seeing others succeed. I'm happiest when I see the smile on the face with somebody I've worked with and I'd be humbled to have the opportunity to work with you.

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