Science of Fitness - Invest in Yourself

We are continually encouraged to invest in our future – shares, super funds, savings accounts, property, education, and university degrees. With this in mind we often seek advice from professionals in the field – investors, financial planners, lawyers and even parents.

However, what is lacking is consistent encouragement to look after you.

Sure, there are growing numbers of commercials on TV aiming to convince you that unless you try their new super-food/detox/health fix/(insert scam here) your life will end prematurely and your health and happiness will be non-existent. Most of the products unfortunately, are a complete waste of time and money, and the only investment you are making there is into the bank accounts of the corporations happy to scam you out of a dollar.

We have to change our thinking. It is just as important to get help with your training and nutrition as it is with your finances. Break your investment into portfolios:

1. FOOD.

Good, real, wholesome, someone grew it somewhere without a million chemicals, it does not come wrapped in plastic, it is not full or preservatives, sugars and additives, honest food. We all know what good food is!

So, lets start eating it! Buy a cookbook or two, follow some Facebook accounts of people who cook and discuss food from people who have ACTUAL health related qualifications.

2. BODY.

Let me begin by saying, if you aren't already training, start.

It is literally one of the best things you can do for yourself.

On top of the hundreds of health related benefits, it'll increase your efficiency at work, increase your confidence, is fantastic for social interactions, will make you happier and therefore directly impact how you treat others around you.

On top of this, invest in someone who knows what he or she is talking about.

Here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Start by choosing someone who 'practices what they preach'
  • Choose someone who is open-minded, has experience and isn't stuck in one state of mind towards one particular approach (i.e. bodybuilding training is the ONLY way to train)
  • Ask a family member/friend for a referral - avoid finding the hottest trend on social media because it guarantees results in only two weeks
  • Lastly (and hugely under-rated), choose someone you are compatible with. Trust me on this one.

3. MIND.


Invest in something that stimulates you

Invest in something that challenges you.

Invest in something that makes you happy.

This could be something as simple as new reading material, new gardening tools for a DIY project, a vacation or even something more challenging like signing up for a Kokoda trek.

People are often reluctant to spend money towards themselves as there are much "bigger" priorities, such as; mortgage/rent, cars, groceries, school bills, personal businesses, etc – but how are we as humans expected to operate efficiently if we are constantly facing battles such as sickness, injuries, stress (to name a few).

Good nutrition can be the cure for numerous medications.

A well-devised training program can rid the body of numerous aches and niggling injuries that football, working at a desk or being at the site all day may have caused.

Going on that vacation can be the difference between loving life and not having a mental breakdown at work.

Invest in Yourself.

After only live once.

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