Drive more sales through your mentor groups

Anyone who is an entrepreneur, runs a company or is part of a sales team, knows that a company can only exist if they can successfully sell their product, service or solution.

One of the biggest hurdles that companies face when going out to find customers is meeting customers who are actually interested. In order to generate the interest what you are selling is "help" - providing a resolution to a customer's problem. In short we are all in the business of solving customers problems, we just all have different solutions for different problems.

Over the years I have been apart of many networking groups and spent many hours speed talking to many people who quite frankly just don't hear you. The people you meet at these networking groups are either there for the free drinks or are trying to hard sell you something while you try hard sell them back. Basically these networking events have very limited results if any. The above is true until I found EBN - Elite Business Network.

I work for a company called Hybis Solutions and we develop online solutions for companies to help them streamline their business processes and generate revenue via subscription based online listing products. A mouthful yes, but effectively we create custom built websites that make you money.

We joined EBN - Elite Business Network almost 2 years ago and have found the group to be the perfect mix of like minded entrepreneurs and business owners who all work together to help each other drive more sales to their businesses through referrals.

Where EBN is so unique and effective is in its make up - each group comprises of one professional from each business sector, therefore eliminating the competition factor and allowing for the group to focus on helping each other. Hybis have had great success over the last 2 years and will continue to be a part of EBN as it not only helps our sales grow but also provides a professional arena to bounce ideas around with fellow group members to ensure Hybis stays current and grows as company.

Tavis Basing
HYBIS Solutions