How does a law firm benefit from networking?

Spranklin McCartney Lawyers is a general legal practice located on Cavendish Road at Coorparoo.

Our focus is on client relationships rather than transactions and it is our goal to assist our clients not only adding wealth to their businesses through our advice but also to prevent them from taking steps or making decisions that might cause them loss or damage in the future.

We pride ourselves on having relationships with our clients where our clients can come to meet with us and obtain advice before they enter into any contracts, as once a contract is signed it is near impossible to change after the fact.

By working with our referrals we meet through EBN we are able to also provide further value to our clients by connecting them with other professionals with whom they may need assistance, for example financial advice and mortgage brokering.

EBN has also been a source of excellent quality referrals and client introductions for Spranklin McCartney Lawyers.

As we have a fantastic relationship with other members of the EBN, we note that any clients they refer to us are valued clients to their business and that member has already sold our business to their client.

Because of this referral system EBN assists in the introduction of new clients to Spranklin McCartney Lawyers.

EBN is certainly a benefit and bonus to Spranklin McCartney Lawyers in a group that has provided not just an excellent source of referral work but also a great source of other professional business people with whom we regularly engage and interact.