Sandford McMurry

What's stopping your business from growing?


Keynote Speaker - Sanford McMurray Jr.

Founder of Unlock 2 Unleash | Youth Life Coach Professional Speaker | Sport and Performance Consultant| Author of Do You Live on Purpose? and Inside the Heart of Cheer.

Let Sanford unlock your extraordinary potential and help you to identify and breakdown the personal barriers that are holding you back in business. This workshop will look at the common fears, blames and barriers we all endure in business and provide strategies to overcome them.

Sanford will be covering.

  • What's stopping your business from growing?
  • Relationships and why they are so important to growth, both personal and in business.
  • An introduction to "Authentic Resilience", our unique ability to bounce back from adversity.

Following Sanford's workshop will be a Q&A with successful business owners & professionals Joseph Agresta - Science of Fitness, Tavis Basing - Hybis Solutions and Bronwyn Chandler - BOQ. They will give you the opportunity to ask how they have overcome adversity and challenges in their businesses and lives and unleashed their extraordinary potential.


Location- Little Tokyo 2, 36 Mein Street Springhill

Time- 6pm till 9pm

Date- 15th November 2016

Cost- Free