Smart Investors

Smart Investors

Smart investors should be looking beyond Sydney and Melbourne this spring as Australia's two largest cities face a property shortage.

That's according to an article in the Australian Financial Review that also advised investors to turn to Brisbane and Adelaide as emerging real estate hot spots.

While a strong supply of high and medium density housing remains in Sydney and Melbourne, it's three and four bedroom houses within 20 kilometres of the city that are becoming increasingly rare.

A mixture of low interest rates and population growth is behind the shortage, which leaves investors under threat of overpaying for houses in Sydney and Melbourne.

The good news for investors is that Brisbane is currently in a growth phase, with current investment in infrastructure set to increase the demand for housing close to the city in the years to come.

That means investors who buy in Brisbane now can expect to see healthy capital growth over the next five years – while growth is predicted to slow in Sydney and Melbourne during the same period.

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