Are you getting fitter as you get older?

We, those of us past the magical 30, and beyond, seem to lament the loss of our golden 20's when it comes to fitness.

"Oh' when I was 20 I could do that."

"It's my middle age belly!"

"Mate I am too old to join the gym or do that stuff any more."

Sure, for most of us, by the time we reach our 30's and beyond, life has thrown up all sorts of daily challenges for us to face before we even think about fitness. Work, career, social life, mortgages, drinking habits, eating habits, aches and pains, kids (does that fit into the aches and pains or drinking category.....?). After 30 it's as if our sporting days are done.

"Well that's me, I've retired from football at 30, had my testimonial at KFC, followed by the pub. I don't have anything to train for anymore......"

What does having something to train for, have anything to do with fitness? How does sport have anything to do with fitness?

Every time I train at the gym doing my weird crawling, cat skins on the chin up bar, or going as hard as I can (for my meagre abilities) people always ask me:

"What are you training for?"

"I am just trying to get fit", I say?

"Fit for what?"

"Well I am almost 34, and I want to be fitter at 34 (less than 50 days away) than when I turned 33."

I started this thought process when I turned 30. Everyone was telling me I had to grow up, stop this clowning around with training, if I was going to be a health clinician and coach, just bloody do it, don't spend so much time training.

"Your 30 now, you don't need to be fit for a sport, just work"


You see I don't buy into that. I don't see any reason why I cant keep getting fitter? You know why? Well those obstacles I mentioned above, well they help, not hinder me in my journey.

Every time I get the privilege to train, I love it that bit more, I work that bit more. But even more so I work smarter. I get help. I try new things. I keep trying to get fitter as I get older.

Another living example of this is Aussie legend Hugh Jackman

What about you?

Are you struggling to 'get back into it' after a lengthy time off?

Are you recovering from an old football injury that inhibits any form of exercise?

Are you one of those persons who knows they should probably do something but just don't?

Here's where I can help you!

*drum roll*

5 Tips To Get You Back Into It

1) Walk.

Go walking with a friend/partner/the kids/the dog/the cat - as often as you can and no less than three times per week.

2) Do Body Weight Exercises.

Push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, whatever... for 2-3 sets of 10-15 twice per week.

3) Start Stretching.

You know the ones your old coach used to tell you to do? Any of them will do for now just to get you moving. Aim for 20min in front of the TV. Three times per week minimum.

4) Look At Your Diet

Identify 'bad fats' and 'bad sugars' and cut them right down. This is simple. You don't need a degree to know what is good and what is crap. You wouldn't give your 4yr old Coca Cola, so why do you need it?

5) See A Professional.

Now this one is always, always controversial - so let's break it down.

If your car is broken - where do you go? =
If you need legal advice - where do you go? =
If you need tax advice - where do you go? =
If you are sick - where do you go? =

So where do you go if you need fitness advice?

We are always here to lend a helping hand for those 'looking to get back into it' as we have numerous 30+ individuals come in day-to-day looking to get fitter as they get older.

Coach Chris

AKA Yoda

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