The Stones Corner Hotel

Corner of Old Cleveland Road and Logan Road, Stones Corner, QLD


6.45am - 8.30am
Andrew Courtney Financial Planner Alps Network

Your Career: How and when to switch careers

Ingrid Willinge spoke with the experts on changing careers, including how and when to make the big switch! Click here to see a snippet of an interview Andrew Courtney (our resident Financial planner) took part in. Making a career transition requires meticulous planning and that final leap of faith. Live with purpose.

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Keys to Success for two Brisbane Entrepreneurs

The Keys to Success for two Brisbane Entrepreneurs

Our member Kathryn from Keeping Life Simple was featured in the Sunday Mail recently with her client Tara-Jay Rimmer from The Van that Can. A lovely but brief article about how helping each other grow their businesses has resulted in a friendship and professional relationship.

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Making Money and Financial Freedom

Andrew Courtney, our resident financial adviser has co-authored a book named Making Money and Financial Freedom. Please feel free to click on the link to find out more. Andrew's chapter is based on automating behaviours that are conducive to building a better financial future. Having a strong foundation allows any individual to create their ideal lifestyle. As builders know, you can't build a sound, stable, structure on quick sand.

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