The Stones Corner Hotel

Corner of Old Cleveland Road and Logan Road, Stones Corner, QLD


6.45am - 8.30am

Is Your Cleaner Up To Scratch?

As a business, you supply quality training for your team in their role. You invest time and money in your team to make sure they are more than capable of doing their job to a high quality and standard. A medical centre has qualified doctors, nurses, and medically trained administration staff. A school has qualified teachers, librarians, and guidance officers. They'd never consider hiring anyone that's unqualified or untrained.

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How Clean is Your Scalpel?

When you visit your doctor, dentist, or health care specialist you trust that they adhere to the required health standards.

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Science of Fitness - Invest in Yourself

We are continually encouraged to invest in our future – shares, super funds, savings accounts, property, education, and university degrees. With this in mind we often seek advice from professionals in the field – investors, financial planners, lawyers and even parents.

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