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Melinda  Jennison

Melinda Jennison

Buyers Agent
Streamline Property Buyers
0413 907 573

I source strategic property opportunities for Clients in the Brisbane real estate market. I am focussed on providing an outstanding service, delivering results and improving the wealth of my Clients through the provision of the following services:

  • Buyers advocacy for homes, investment properties and small development sites in Brisbane, working for the buyer NOT the seller in property transactions.
  • Comprehensive property analysis ensuring buyers are aware of what is not visible to them
  • Research backed target suburb recommendations for property acquisitions
  • Advice and management of property renovations and small developments

I have specialist knowledge in the Brisbane property market and can assess the development potential of any site, or I can advise on any residential property that may be impacted in the future by planned development in the local area. My skill set is unique, because of my diverse background, and this enables me to make informed, research backed decisions in relation to property transactions on behalf of Clients.

I have been investing in property for more than 22 years and developing property for more than 7 years and therefore I bring a wealth of knowledge to individuals looking to take the same journey.