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Alex O

Alex O'Toole

Web and Digital Marketing Specialist
O2L Media
0452 133 949

As the co-founder and Managing Director of O2L Media, a web and digital marketing agency based right here Brisbane, my team and I are working with small business owners all over the country to change the online game for their businesses.

I am a social scientist by trade with years of experience in the digital realm, including assisting to launch a billion dollar smartech start-up into the Australian market and as part of the management team of Australia's largest independent digital marketing agency. Within O2L Media, I have applied my knowledge of consumer psychology and social interactions toward building a great online experience for my client, and in turn, a great online experience for their customers.

We use carefully selected methods, channels, targeting and copy to turn strangers to your business into customers and active proponents of your business. There isn't a small business that we've found that we couldn't help to find digital marketing success